Friday, September 5, 2014

My 21 Day Fix Journey

I did the 21 Day Fix when it first came out in February, LOVED IT! The containers made life simple, no more tracking calories, fat, carb intake. Just fill the containers and eat! I was so hesitant at first. I opened the box, saw the containers and immediately thought "I'm gonna starve! Those are tiny!" I was pleasantly surprised to see how much food those lil guys could hold. My plates are always full once I dump the containers on the plate. YAY! Nothing worse than being Hangry lol

Since Feb, I have followed the plan loosely. Last week I decided to do an official full round again (I have an upcoming trip) So here is week 1 results....lost 5 lbs! Belly has less bloat & I feel lighter. I will take final measurements at the end.

I will keep updating this post till my 3 weeks are up. I want to share my meals, how they look, how much you get, etc because I remember being worried about not eating enough.

And for those who have the program & need a good idea for keeping track of your containers, I made a simple system. I taped over paper and use a dry erase market to check off my boxes. Wipe clean and start over the next day! See below.....

Food Ideas: 

Shakeology is a MUST! It controls my crazy sweet tooth & it helps me stay full!

Week 1 Results: 5 lbs down!

Final Results: 10 lbs down and several inches lost in just 21 days! 

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