Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fibromyalgia & Shakeology


Can Shakeology help with fibromyalgia?
Recently on a Facebook thread a person asked the question if Shakeology has helped with fibromyalgia in any way? Now, this is not a scientific or clinical study but this is what people said:

Marisa F.- I have fibromyalgia! Shakeology has made a huge difference!!! I suffered for years! I feel amazing now!! :)

Beth G.- I really have not thought about it Carl…but I have not had many flare ups since starting on Shakeo..that being said…I have it very mild

Carlos M.- I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago, but have several other issues as well. I started shakeology almost 2 months ago & little by little I’m feeling better. Even eating healthier because I’m losing those old cravings & snacking habits. Lost 10 lbs & although it didn’t happen overnight, with daughter Jenna’s encouragement I pressed on. I now have energy to workout, taking it at a slower pace than the majority of TLS, but I’m not giving up! At 65 yrs old, I’m grateful to have connected with such a strong, dedicated & loving bunch of people who care about others. That in its self is worth it!

Susi K.- I do. I have had Fibro for YEARS. My Rheumatoid Specialist wanted me on 3 different meds for the pain. One of them was to control the symptoms from one of the other meds. I told him no and that I would find an herbal remedy. Shakeology AND working out has kept my Fibro in check. I NO longer have pain. I don’t take meds. This is what I take: Shakeology, Joint Support, Herbal Immune and Cor Cal Mag from BB. I feel great. When I am in pain, I will take 2 aspirin and work out to Light and Easy from YBB. I FOUND AN HERBAL REMEDY AND IT WORKS.

Eric H.- My wife has it and since being on shakeology and working out with slim in 6 she hasn’t had any pain

Nia P.- I had painful fibro pains for over 12 yrs…my pains have vanished after a month of shakeology..will recommend to everyone!

Kristin K.- don’t let a fibromyalgia diagnosis stop you! it’s like arthritis, you HAVE TO MOVE, it will make you feel better! I was diagnosed 13 years ago, and i decided to ignore it. I started doing yoga, getting stronger, feeling better. Now I do Turbofire and drink my shakeology every day. No more tender pressure points, not nearly as much depression, fatigue, sure, because I’m BUSY enjoying my life!

Robin B.- I’m a walking testimony – I was diagnosed with Fibro after a car accident and given medication with the prognosis “I’ll have good days and bad days”. I was severely limited – from the time I got up until I went to bed. Because of that I gained 30 pounds and then diagnosed with Clinical Depression, which they wanted to medicate me for as well. I did my research and found how important nutrition was for this auto-immude disorder and others and Shakeology was my saving grace. I come off all medication, lost 30 PLUS pounds and within 90 days was able to enjoy P90X and insanity again. I have since not gone a day without it.

Carol S.- I had it and I have been doing Shakeology since it came out. After the first 6 to 8 months of having 1 shake for breakfast I was 100% medication free. My spasms and pain from the fibro were gone. I could get up and down off the floor and everything! It has changed my life and my families. Thank you so much for your wife having a plan. It gave me my life back!

Deyanna B.- I have Fibromyalgia and MS! I feel amazing using my Shakeology. Having autoimmune problems I am also very careful as to what I put into my body now! My Health is my Wealth!! Only the BEST for me!!! =)

Cheryl H.- I was diagnosed with Fibromylgia 15 years ago and was on meds for it until I was on Shakeology for a few months. I have probably been given a total of over 40 different RX’s since I first had the virus that affected my heart and immune system. Was on 19 last January. Down 9 after several months in the Shakelogy and now take 3.

Michele W.- I have fibromyalgia for about 20 years and trust me – proper nutrition is half the key to feeling better. I have tried shakeology and if I remember correctly, by the third day I was feeling pretty good! A shake a day and good nutrition and and all I really need is Motrin once in awhile!

Christina S.- Shakeology has helped me push thru the chronic fatigue that is believed to be a symptom of my fibromyalgia

Leigh Ann P.- I was diagnosed about 11 years ago triggered by a miscarriage and hereditary from my mom. When Jason suggested we start working out together I told him there was not way because of the pain. I did anyway and I will never stop. I do drink Shakeology and I know with the combination of working out and drinking the shakes I no longer have this diagnosis!! Lots of prayer too! :-)

Katherine B.- Yes. It directly helps the fatigue which leads to me having the energy to workout and ease the physical pain suffered from my condition. It’s the very reason I drink at least a shake a day and have for almost two years. When I was first diagnosed with it, I wasn’t aware of Shakeology and was drinking energy drinks just to get through the day, which proved counter-productive after a time, because they are like a drug in that one must consume more and more for the same results. I gained a bunch of weight from the medication and the drinks and then my bro gave me some Shakeology, enough for a couple of weeks and I knew It was a new staple in my daily caloric intake.

Reva D.- Shakeology and Slim in 6 helped me with the fatigue and keeps NW from getting too sore. I notice a big difference when I don’t drink it regularly!

Rhonda F.- I have Fibromyalgia and it helps in many ways.

Michelle M.- Yes my mom has Fybromyalia and since I got her going on Shakeology 7 months ago she does feel better … all over. She is 59 and was getting worse and was even thinking on going to meds until I talked her into trying Shakeology. So far no meds and she is better so has to be Shakeology. Has to be. She also said her hair, nails and digestion is better. So really I have to say thanks to such a great product and company…glad to be a coach :-)

Karina C.- I suffer from Fybromialgia in my back and Shakeology has helped with the fatigue. Immediately after I take it a feel a rush of energy to go on with my day. I truly love it ;) The energy I feel is natural and pumps me up for the day; makes me want to exercise. I have to take it everyday though and I have felt a great change in my body because of it

Heather C.- Carl I have fibromyalgia and use shakeology every day. I also have a bunch of fibro customers that also use it. I find it helps the pain, energy levels and ibs.
Genia J.- I have multiple autoimmune disorders, and the answer is : YES! It does. My Rheum specialist says that I’m healthy, and most of my disorders are in remission. I have problems with swallowing and digestion. Shakeology has helped with both. I also does wonders for inflammation.

Theresa L.- Carl, I myself has fibromyalgia. Since being on shakeology theres has been a big improvement on what I can do. I still have my ups and downs but on a good day I can excercise. Prior to Shakeolgy I couldn’t do any excercise at all. So I would say Shakeology definately helps fibromyalgia. I hope this helps.

Barbara G.- I have fibromyalgia and I feel the best on the days I have Shakeology for lunch; and do my TurboFire almost every day. It’s the best combination in the world and it sure beats medications!

Bernie M.- Carl, I have suffered from the condition for around 12yrs, since getting fit using beachbody exercise programs and shakeology over the past 12 months I have found significant improvements in my condition. Previously I was on prescribe medication called Lyrica having 600mg per day, in addition to having 500ml of tramadol (pain killer) 3 times a day. The medication was a hard on my body as the condition itself. With improved fitness and better nutrition including shakeology I personally founda reduction in joint inflamation and pain, improved brain function with a reduction in brain fog, improved sleep quality, and a significant improvement in mood due to increased natural production in seratonin levels. Personally over the last 12 month I have now been able to stop taking lyrica + tramodol, and now just take a suppliment of melatonin to aid restful sleep. I can’t tell u the improvements in the quality of life they are plentiful + hughely significant!

Renee G.- I was diagnosed a little over two years ago with Fibromyalgia. My doctor told me to keep moving, and not to let the soreness and aches fool me. But I was taking at least 8 muscle relaxers per day and 4 Vicadin per day. I’ve been using Beachbody since March 2010, but the exercises were still a little rough on me. When I became a Coach and started Shakeology in November 2010, I cut way down on my muslce relaxers and pain meds. I only take them now either when I’ve overdone a workout or when the weather is really rainy and cold. So I would say that it is definitely doing something to help with all the inflammation I was having. I exercise 5 to 6 times per week and drink Shakeology every day. My pain level is now at 1 (depending on the weather) and my meds are as needed only.

Marianne V.- I’m an acupuncturist and herbalist. Some of my fibro patients have taken Shakeology and love it. One of them found her symptoms decrease by 80% within a week. I was surprised by her results and other similar fibro patients results. From a chinese medicine point of view, Shakeology would make perfect sense to incorporate

Linda S.- I do …it made a huge difference,i had been to specialists that said sorry deal w the pain. I would sit n cry because I hurt so bad,even to breath!! A few days in was a huge change for me,1 week into shakeology no more pain. I havent had a drop of pain since! I have a new coach same thing :)

Jonathan G.- Wow! These comments and reactions are absolutely amazing. I have been drinking Shakeology myself for years so I am a firm believer in how great it is. It is important to remind everybody that while we are always thrilled to hear about people having incredible experiences with Shakeology and improving their fitness, eating habits and overall wellness, that these are personal experiences and not any medical or scientific statements.

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