Sunday, July 22, 2012

You compare and tell me which is best!

I can't say enough great things about Shakeology. It's not only chemical free but it has been proven to lower cholesterol & help people lose weight. I had a friend drink it and now her Lupus is in remission! How crazy is that?! The world is catching on to what an amazing product Beachbody has. Oprah featured a 10 page spread in her magazine all about it. Even Discovery Channel had an article online about it! This is not your average shake on the market.
I am going to make more comparisons, but here is one I've put together. Our ingredients/nutrient list vs other shakes out there. Nothing can touch what we have! Heck, I can drink this while pregnant and feel confident in giving it to my toddlers. Not so much with the Advocares and Visalus stuff out there. You read the lists and decide for yourself!

Shakeology VS Visalus

Shakeology VS Advocare

Shakeology VS Isogenix

Shakology VS Slim-Fast