Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little about me and my journey

I started my getting in shape journey on March 2010. I had delivered baby #2 the previous Oct (2nd c-section) and was just absolutely miserable! I felt so miserable that in turn, it made me a miserable person to be around. I was sluggish, tired, depressed, and just plain unhappy. I had dabbled with P90x after my first baby was born, but had never really stuck to it. I had started and stopped SO many times with the program, just unable to follow through. Finally, something clicked! I knew that days/weeks/months were going to pass by whether I worked out or not so why not work a little each day towards my goal? So I started March 1 and took it one week at a time. Not focusing on the long term goal, as it just completely overwhelmed me! Could I do an entire dvd?  NO! Could I do all the moves and keep up with the people on the tv? NO! I listened to Tony Horton....I did my best and forgot the rest! I modified as I needed. I am pretty sure I was doing my own version of Ab Ripper lol By the end of 4 weeks, I had lost a whopping 27lbs!!! Well, that was plenty to keep me going :) I had more energy, felt good, and my attitude was turning around.  I then stumbled across my fabulous coach, Christina who introduced me to the coaching opportunity. I liked the idea of it and signed. It kept me motivated and held accountable. Plus, what better way to pay it forward than to help others who were on the same journey as me?
Month 2 came around and I loved how I would pop in a dvd and be able to do a move I hadn't been able to before. I was so proud of myself and what I was accomplishing. I was getting stronger day by day. I also started drinking Shakeology and it was the perfect boost. I had more energy than I knew what to do with:) June 1st was the end of my 90 days with P90X. I had done it! I had actually completed the entire thing and had dropped 40 lbs and 22.5 inches. HOLY MOLY! I couldn't believe it. By then, my life had changed. I had not only changed physically but mentally as well. I felt like a new person. I continued on and have since dabbled with Insanity and training for a half marathon!
So for those of you who feel hopeless and like you just can't do it, YES YOU CAN DO IT!!! I promise you. You just need to DECIDE, COMMIT, & SUCCEED!