Monday, November 3, 2014

3 Day Refresh

Ok, so I over did it this weekend with my eating. And I'm paying for it too bc I FEEL LIKE CRAP! My skin is breaking out, my face is puffy, my belly is bloated, I feel sluggish and exhausted. Goes to prove you feel how you eat. I ate crappy and now I feel that way. Time to eat good and clean! 
Only way to kick start back on track is to begin a 3 Day Refresh!! So today I begin day 1. Stay tuned for my results! Here's the kit & it comes with a delicious meal plan, no starving on this plan!!!

I DID IT! Finished yesterday and while my scale is broken, I do think pictures speak volumes!! I have no idea what I lost but I can FEEL & SEE  the difference! And I got to eat, I didn't starve. I just ate clean & enjoyed my daily Shakeology :)
If you would like to get back on track and have a good boost to help you get started to being healthy and fit, email me: 
Don't wait for Jan. 1st!! Get started NOW!!

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