Sunday, March 29, 2015

How I'm Conquering Low Hormone Levels and Hypothyroidism

I have been struggling over the past few months with weight gain, hair falling out, skin breaking out, and just feeling off even though I was still eating clean and working out hard daily. My "after" results were slowly slipping away and I could not understand why! I was doing everything right. I tried to get stricter in my eating, I did more intense workouts trying to correct the issues. And to much disappointment, nothing was happening! To see my abs disappear and all my hard work to basically go down the drain, I was distraught. To be honest, I still am. But I'm going to fight back! I finally had blood work done and the tests showed extremely low testosterone & estradiol levels. Still hypothyroid but they noted my thyroid antibodies were extremely high which points to a thyroid autoimmune disease. I will see an endocrinologist this week to pinpoint exactly what is going on with my thyroid. And we still haven't ruled out early menopause (I'm only 31!) Yikes! So in a nut shell, I'm a hot mess right now. And I don't want to go into "hiding" during all this and pretend everything is ok on social media to my followers. I'm just going to be downright honest about the whole deal. I know there are so many other women out there going through this same thing or similar situation so if I can bring some light to them and let them see there is hope and you can be healthy and have the body you want, then it's worth it to share.
Of course, I don't really care for fake ingredients in my medicine so I'll be taking the natural route to getting back to normal. Think traditional Chinese medicine (herbs, acupuncture), yoga, massage, and if need be, bioidentical hormones. 

So to get started on healing, I am doing the Ultimate Reset again. And I'll share my 21 days of the program with you here.....

Recap of day 1 (for those wondering what the Ultimate Reset is like)
Yes it's a detox but no it's not a starve, drink liquid all day, or  all day type detox lol
This has scientifically proven to lower cholesterol, raise testosterone in men, help you lose weight, and lower blood pressure! And you can have a normal life during these 3 weeks exercise is limited to walking/swimming, just something light so your body can focus on healing.
Today I woke up with one heck of a headache, normal part of detoxing. That's my body starting to get rid of the junk and also it's sign of missing my morning coffee. And I'm not a fan of the supplements I have to drink. But I'm also not a fan of how I feel and look at the moment so I just sucked it up and took them bc I want to be better!
That brush I'm holding is for dry brushing your skin. There are SO MANY benefits to it, check out this article and see why you should start!
There you have it! On to day 2 today. 


Today I begin day 6 with the Ultimate Reset. While I'm not going to get too excited, the scale has moved down 5 lbs. over past 5 days. Now if it keeps moving over the next 2 weeks, THEN I'll be excited bc I know something is changing! 
Headed out today to see a new endocrinologist! Hoping to get more answers so I can start a successful natural treatment.
My headaches are gone now that my body has adjusted to no morning coffee. I'm still feeling tired, but I do feel an extra burst of energy during my day I haven't had in a while. That has been nice. 


Update of the Reset...on week 2 and here's what's awesome- I no longer crave or want breads or cereals. My favorite cereal is in the house right now and I don't even care! Easter candy is in the house and I am not tempted. Normally my cravings would kick in and I'd be nibbling here and there. But nope. Not right now.
I must confess I did cheat on Easter with a normal meal, but it was just one meal and I'm back at it. I paid for it too bc my tummy was upset and I felt like crap. Which further proves you eat like crap, you feel like crap!
Oh and the hubby says he can tell I'm trimming down, 
I can tell too. I feel lighter and look less fluffy! So I'll just do a happy dance for that! At least something is changing!

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